Codice prodotto: FMR3
Dimensioni: 40 cm x 8 cm x 80 cm
Disponibilità: A magazzino
64.90 €
Prezzo IVA esclusa: 53.20 €

This pure cotton pillow is filled with millet powder.

This product is ideal if you want to pamper your head, neck and cervical curve.

The product is handmade in italy by naturalmente, a company that selects only first quality materials for its products.

The millet used to fill this pillow is a natural remedy, rich in silicic acid, beneficial for skin, muscles and bones.

The pillow applies an effective relaxing massage on your cervical curve and head but also soothes pulled muscles.

It is transpiring, thermo-regulating and it ergonomically adapts to your head and neck.

Its a cosy, healthy support while yoùre reading, watching television or while resting.

This pillow has the adjustable system: a special ergonomic lining lets you adjust the consistency of the pillow making it perfect for the way you sleep. This system with three filled layers gives you the possibility to adjust the high of the pillow, the new way to plump up your natural cushion.

The product is handmade with organic materials by naturalmente by t. L.V. In the trentino dolomites.

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