Codice prodotto: M11
Dimensioni: 47 cm x 14 cm x 14 cm
Disponibilità: A magazzino
25.00 €
Prezzo IVA esclusa: 20.49 €

Neck pillow filled with powder millet, lined inside an elegant floral-patterned cotton pillowcase, available in different colors.

The organic millet used in this pillow is naturally filled with silicic acid, a remedy for your skin, muscles, and bones.

Besides massaging both the head and the cervicals, it is a natural help for muscular twitches, headaches, bad blood circulation, rheumatisms…

It is transpiring and thermo-regulating, cool in summer and warm in winter. It ergonomically adapts to your head and neckline supporting your head while reading, travelling or watching tv.  

The product is handmade with organic materials by naturalmente by t. L.V. In the trentino dolomites.

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