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Dimensioni: 45 cm x 13 cm x 13 cm
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This pillow with spelt and swiss stone pine has many beneficial properties, with positive effects on psychological well-being, health, blood circulation this pillow gives you a better and natural sleep.  

Ideal for anyone who wants to rest well and stay healthy.

Spelt husks and swiss stone pine chips make this special pillow unique, the best natural remedy for a good relaxing sleep.

The swiss stone pine is a tree that grows very slowly up in the highest alpine tree line of the alps. Its name derives from the latin 'pinus cembrà, or "queen of the alps", the wood is soft and easy to carve, and for this reason precious for the sculptors.  

This wood adds a delicate aroma to your sleep. Studies at joanneum reseacrh institute in austria prove that this pine has positive effects on psychological well-being and human health, on blood circulation and sleep.  

Spelt husks are also very useful as a natural remedy for cervical pain, headaches, inflammation… they relax and stretch your muscles, guaranteeing a better rest and a more relaxing and enjoyable sleep.

This pillow has the adjustable system: a special ergonomic lining lets you adjust the consistency of the pillow making it perfect for the way you sleep. This system with three filled layers gives you the possibility to adjust the high of the pillow, the new way to plump up your natural cushion.

The product is handmade with organic materials by naturalmente by t. L.V. In the trentino dolomites.

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